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Pomsky Perfection

We are a Pomsky breeder based in Pullman, WA. Since 2005, we have been working with other breeders to learn and produce quality Pomskies. We officially launched in 2016 and our puppies will be available to the public in the summer of 2018. We breed our pups and raise them with love and care.


To achieve the perfect puppy, our litters are planned very carefully and we only have a few litters every year. All our dams and sires are registered with a known and reputable association as well as vet checked and cleared. Dogs owned by us are OFA  tested and cleared. It's a lot of work, but perfect puppies are worth every bit of work!



Ashe + Echo
Alpha Line

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"Dedicated to high-Quality health & Temperment"

Nyx + Thor
Mystic Line

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As Washington natives, we are passionate about both our dogs and the northwest. From the clear sunny summers to cold snowy winters, the northwest has it all! What's not to love!

We enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, and many other outdoor activities with our dogs.