Our Dams + Sires

All our pups are valued members of our family. On this page you can find out a little about each of our pups and what makes them special. The pups are listed alphabetically and include dogs owned by Aspen Creek Pomskies + Northerns. Dams and sires that belong to other breeders that we partner with may not be listed. You can find more information on their breeding lines and available puppies by following the links under their biographies.

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APKC & IPA Registered Pomsky - DOB 4/08/2017

At 23lbs, Ashe has a short, sturdy build and a happy-go-lucky personality. She is known for sleeping in just about every crazy position imaginable and her loving personality. She is highly intelligent and her healthy appetite and motivated attitude make it fun and easy to teach her new tricks.  And while she enjoys catching fish in streams, swimming, and running through muddy fields in the summer, she prefers to stay by our side for good company on long hikes. It can always be playtime for her and though she is small, she is brave. Everyone and everything is a friend—from cats and horses to people who look funny.



IPA Registered Pomsky - DOB 8/05/2016

Everything about Echo made him an ideal candidate for service work. He is very intelligent and attentive. But after all his training and hard work, he didn't pass the test. Still, he makes a very good companion with his calm demeanor and temperament. And while he enjoys being in the company of calmer adults, he does well with children and puppies tugging and pulling at him. He is also loyal, brave, and always by my side no matter what I'm doing. Echo is 30lbs on average with sleek husky coat and build and incredibly calm and obedient temperament.

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APKC & IPA Registered Pomsky - DOB 4/08/2017

This girl is a stunner. She is 20lbs with ice-blue eyes, medium-long length fur, and a fox-like build. She has long legs that love to run. If her ice-cold princess looks don't win you over, her affectionate personality and free spirit will. She loves to kiss and rarely barks or howls. She is confident and willing to try anything. She lives up to her nickname of princess with her expressive looks and love of being groomed. And while her princess-like attitude makes her a bit stubborn at times, she is highly intelligent and loves to be praised. She enjoys playing with children, meeting new people and dogs, and exploring. 



FCI Registered Siberian Husky - DOB 2/18/2016

At 42lbs, Diva has a elegant, graceful build and a wolf-like personality to match. She is known for her photogenic nature and her show-worthy appearance. She is highly intelligent and her curiosity maker her a good partner for mind games. While she is brave and outgoing, she is also reserved and quiet. She enjoys stalking down and chasing rabbits, pheasants, and mice with quiet grace. She comes from a long line of titled Siberians and it shows. In early 2017, we rehomed DIVA that would allow her to attend more shows. She really enjoyed it and we wanted to concentrate on our breeding program. She is doing well and is enjoying her show life to the fullest.

While Diva is no longer part of our pack, we hope to partner with her new owners to breed a litter of Pomskies in the future.



APKC Registered Pomsky - DOB 3/16/2018

This boy has the fluffiest coat we’ve ever seen and a happy-go-lucky attitude you can’t help but love. He is 30lbs with brown eyes, medium-long length fur, a very unique nose marking, and fox-like build. He loves to run and play with other dogs and his cuddles are absolutely amazing. If his cloud-like soft coat doesn’t win you over, his happy prances will definitely make you smile. He rarely barks or howls but is confident and willing to try anything. He can be a bit stubborn at times, but that is only because highly intelligent. He enjoys car rides, playing with children, meeting new people, and playing with other dogs.

While Teemo is not yet ready to breed, we hope to breed a litter of Pomskies with him in the future after he has passed his genetic testing with the OFA and UC Davis.